Contribution to the knowledge of the monumental trees of Palermo

  • Fabiola Schicchi


The monumental trees are the monuments of living nature, that is to say plant expressions which, since ancient times, have aroused reverence and amazement in men, so much so that they gave them a strong symbolic meaning. The monumental trees represent a peculiar aspect of biodiversity that must be protected, managed and enhanced in the same way as stone monuments, historical centres and large architectural structures.

The C. Bufardeci Memorial Award 2018 in Botanical Sciences. Commemorating Mrs. Concetta Bufardeci, former honorary consul of Spain in Catania interested in botany and botanical gardens, the Award of 1500 EUR presented by Accademia Gioenia of Catania is granted to an outstanding graduate student in support of final dissertation research in systematic botany, plant biodiversity or the history of the plant sciences, including literature and exploration, carried out in one of the three Universities in Sicily.

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